Extensive career support for all our staff

Why CPD matters

What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the process of ongoing training and development. 

It allows individuals, once they have become qualified and they are in their professional environment, to carry on with their learning and improvement which is relevant to their role and which benefits both short-term objectives and long-term career goals.

Why is CPD important?

In short, CPD can improve all areas of our educational experience.

  • CPD programmes not only help to keep pace with the current standards of others in the sector, but also ensures that school staff can deliver high-quality teaching and impact positively on pupil outcomes.
  • CPD enables positive outcomes for our schools, underpins our vision and ensures that all school staff are working towards a common purpose.
  • CPD increases teacher motivation, confidence, and commitment to teaching; learning new skills and applying them in the classroom can lead to a more effective teaching environment.
  • As legislation continues to change and evolve, CPD ensures that all staff are compliant with DfE and Ofsted’s requirements.

Benefits for all

The benefits of CPD are not restricted to teaching staff. Support staff enable our teachers and educational practitioners to be the very best that they can be within the classroom and are often the first point of contact for parents, visitors and the wider community. 

Our support staff have wide-ranging remits that are instrumental to the effective management of Trust resources and our extensive and carefully curated programme of CPD ensures everyone has access to the latest training and initiatives for their role.

CPD for a changing world

The need for ongoing CPD not only includes a focus on teaching and learning, but wider training disciplines including the emotional health and wellbeing of students, safeguarding, SEND and a greater awareness of legislative requirements from the Department for Education and Ofsted. Staff need the ability to identify children with increased levels of anxiety; they also need the skills to be able to support children and young people with increased health and wellbeing needs.

As children’s needs evolve, the skillsets that we have traditionally employed will need to keep pace with those changes. Increasingly, there is a requirement to equip children with wider skills including resilience, flexibility, teamwork and problem solving.

Through the provision of our Trust-wide programme of CPD, we can create a learning environment that is both supportive and effective.

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